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American State Bank Keeping Pace with the Top Large Banks in the U.S.

Banks have to move fast to keep up with the technology that customers demand. And American State Bank takes that very seriously. We are focused on a digital experience that allows you to bank on your terms, whenever and wherever you want. It's not just the mega-bank that can offer this kind of innovation. American State Bank offers:

  • Online and mobile banking where you can manage and access your money fast
  • Mobile Wallet access through Apple Pay, Google Pay, FitBit Pay, Samsung Pay and Garmin Pay.
  • Snap Deposit - remote deposit capture
  • Zelle Person-2-Person Payments
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Face recognition offered on iPhone X platform
  • Balance view without logging in
  • Access your account statements online
  • Ability to turn your card off and on
  • Budgeting tools via Savvy Money blog
  • Free Credit Score access via CreditSense
  • Picture Bill Pay

And coming soon, we will offer more including:

  • Banking with Alexa(R)
  • And more!

And you can bank with confidence knowing that we provide secure access to your information anytime. American State Bank is proud to be one of the leaders in banking technology. And we will continue to innovate and grow for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is .bank?

As online scams and breaches become more prevalent in today’s digital world, banks are looking for ways to ensure safe and secure online banking for their customers. So when American State Bank recently upgraded our website and online app, we switched our domain to .BANK instead of the traditional .com.

With this change, there are additional security features designed to keep you and your personal information safe. Our customers can now be certain that when they visit our website, or communicate with us electronically, there is less risk. The .BANK domain has been around a few years, but not many banks have adopted it yet. But since American State Bank’s recent merger and enhanced website, it was a great time to make a commitment to our customers – the commitment of security. How do we know it is more secure? .BANK domains signify that a company has been verified as a legitimate financial institution. Because of the additional security measures required to become verified, cyber threats can be better identified and stopped. The .BANK domain provides enhanced security against imposter sites so that customers can rest easy knowing their information is safe.

Security requirements for .BANK domains include:

• Mandatory verification of charter/licensures to ensure the organization is legitimate, the person requesting the domain name is authorized to do so, and that the domain name requested by the company complies with policies

• Domain name system security extensions to ensure that users are sent to the correct website and not a malicious website

• Email authentication to avoid fraud and spam

• Multi-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized users can make changes to registration data

• Strong encryption to ensure protected communication

• Prohibition of proxy/privacy registration services to ensure full disclosure of domain registration information.

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